Debris from Wilkes-Barre Township Tornado Found Miles Away

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BEAR CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Newswatch 16 traveled throughout Wilkes-Barre and Bear Creek Township on Thursday and saw the reach of destruction from this tornado.

We found property damage close to the Arena Hub Plaza, but miles away from we found building and store materials scattered everywhere.

Kathy Evans' American flag wasn't in the best shape to celebrate Flag Day. That's because the night before a tornado blew through her property in Wilkes-Barre causing damage along the way.

"We saw it. It was a tornado, there's no doubt in my mind. Although I've never seen one before, this was a tornado," Evans said.

Miles away in Bear Creek Township, folks are finding building material everywhere from that tornado that ripped through the Arena Hub Plaza.

Logan Case lives in Bear Creek Township, about a six-mile drive from the Arena Hub Plaza. He has a collection of the debris he and his family found across their eight-acre property. He tells Newswatch 16 for about two hours after the storm hit, these pieces of debris just kept falling from the sky

"Did you ever see that movie 'Chicken Little'? That entire movie was going through my head, 'the sky is falling!'" said Case.

Bear Creek Camp further away from the hub found more than just building material.

"Yes, garbage and junk as you saw, the sign from Dick's showed up here and also lots of other things that we don't know where exactly it came from but it landed here and we're just getting it thrown away," Dan Scharnhorst said.

The camp is under pressure to clean up from the storm; campers will arrive for camp on Sunday.

"It's kind of all over the place so you know we'll just keep picking it up as we can," Scharnhorst added.

Bear Creek Camp says they expect to find debris from this tornado throughout the summer. The director says he will be displaying that piece of the Dick's Sporting Goods sign in the camp's ballroom for the season and then he will be keeping as a memento in his office after that.

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