Vintage Bentleys Visit Honesdale

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- A rare sight came to part of Wayne County Wednesday morning--about 20 Bentleys nearly 100 years old rolled into Honesdale.

The originals were built to last and about 20 of them were together for a meeting of owners who cherish these British beauties.

A group of seniors stopped by the visitor's center in the downtown to catch these Bentleys up close.

"Look at this. You can't get in this side, have to get in on the passenger side and get to the driver side," said Betty Rothrock.

The North American Vintage Bentley meeting is held every year and this year it's based at nearby Skytop Lodge in the Poconos.

Tom Lee owns a 1926 Bentley and captured the sights and sounds as the group drove along back roads throughout the area stopping in Honesdale for a few hours.

Don and Terry Weniger heard the vintage vehicles would be here and made sure to see them.

"You never ever see this many Bentleys together. Once in a while at a car show you'll see one or two together if you're lucky," said Don Weniger.

"I don't know much about cars. I can appreciate the workmanship," added Terry Weniger.

Out of all these Bentleys, owners say some of them have been purchased for $1 million or more.

When this year's meeting is over these Bentley owners will take their antiques back home all across the United States.

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