Sign Points to Hidden Susquehanna County Gems

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MONTROSE, Pa. -- Could a new sign convince more people to explore the northern tier? That's what the members of one group in Susquehanna County hope for.

To a round of applause, a brand-new Susquehanna County Heritage Attractions sign was unveiled in Montrose. The sign highlights historical places, trails, and parks around Susquehanna County.

"For people to know what is here, it has always been a farming community which is not so much now, and we still have those great structures," said Betty Smith, Susquehanna County Historical Society.

Funded by DCNR and local tax dollars, the Endless Mountains Heritage Region group hopes to improve, protect, and increase visits across the area.

"We want to put all these signs as we did in Forest City last year to help people understand that there is a lot to see and do here," said Annette Schultz, Endless Mountains Heritage Region.

From historical places like the Montrose Fire Department to Salt Springs State Park just north of Montrose or the Martin's Creek Viaduct, officials with the Endless Mountains Heritage Region want people to take in all of Susquehanna County.

"It will develop community pride and they will tell their neighbors and friends when they come to visit," said Schultz.

One of those places on the sign is the Historic Dennis Farms located just outside of Hop Bottom. The 19th-century farm owned by African Americans has guided tours through October.

"When people come here, they will be able to see the sign and say, 'We can go to a lot of places and be able to find the rich history of Susquehanna County,'" explained Lucas Taylor.

For some, discovering that history begins at the sign in Montrose.

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