Prison Board Discusses Uber Ride Sharing for Released Inmates

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Members of the Monroe County Prison Board met to discuss an issue that has been concerning some residents who live by the jail in Hamilton Township -- wandering inmates who have just been released.

David Huhn is a farmer in the Snydersville area and says he has seen three newly released inmates on his farm in the past month.

"We were here a month ago and talked to the warden, and he says he is working on it, and we can just put our trust in that they are going to do something," said Huhn.

Right now, released inmates are offered use of the phone to call for a ride, given free bus passes, or given prepaid debit cards.

The cards are supposed to be used for cab fare, but officials admit they can't monitor what the cards are being used for after the inmates leave.

Prison officials are now considering replacing the debit cards with a program that would pay for Uber rides for newly released inmates.

"I, for one, would be supportive if we can do the Uber thing of saying specifically where do you want to go? We will get you an Uber if you don't have a ride to get to that location and, you know, please stay on the property until the Uber shows up," said John Moyer, Monroe County Prison Board Chairman.

Newswatch 16 spoke to some Uber drivers who say they wouldn't mind picking up former inmates. In fact, they think it's a better idea than the debit cards.

"I think it's a good idea. Then they get exactly what the program is designed for and they don't use it for other than even food, they can use it for other things besides that, too," said Uber driver Terry Weiss.

"I think it's a great thing for them to do. If it's not used for the right reasons, then it falls to nothing. Hopefully, they use it for the right reason and get started on where they need to go," said Uber driver Nicholas Delligatti.

Prison board officials say the Uber option won't be put into place right away.  There are still a few things they need to consider such as how far a newly released inmate would be allowed to go in an Uber.


  • paisretarded

    My psychic vision sees this being passed and then Monroe County puts a tax on the Uber drivers to recoup some money. Why doesn’t the County agency that took them to jail just take them wherever they’re going to in Monroe County upon release and be done with it? That way you’re not giving them any money and they’re not wandering around this crybabies farm. That was real friggin hard!

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