Citation Withdrawn for Shooting Deer That Had Been Hit by Car

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- The citation against a man who shot an injured deer has been withdrawn in Wayne County.

Paul Semler had been cited for shooting the deer along Route 6 in Honesdale. Firing a gun is a violation of borough ordinance.

The district attorney said Wednesday he has withdrawn the citation against Semler because he does not believe the man committed a crime. Semler is a school resource officer at Western Wayne High School, and according to the district attorney, Semler has the proper qualifications to euthanize an animal under Pennsylvania game laws.

Back in 2015, Semler's gun went off inside the high school while he was cleaning it. No charges were filed in that case.


  • donny hud43987

    After further review,, we realized you know people we know!!!! Your free to go… Lmao!! I love how the political system works!!!! Unbelievable!! It’s all WHO YA KNOW!!! ALL DAY!!!

    • Paul Semler

      HEY Donny how about the ordinance was written in 1948, and makes NO exception or exemption for law enforcement. However Pa GAME CODE section 2307 D1 and F1 do allow for a law enforcement person to dispatch a wounded animal. Maybe that is why it was withdrawn by the District Attorney

  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    What an inconsiderate group to fine anyone for a humane and safe act by using a law made for the boobs that would just fire a gun without regard for safety . Lets hope a judge would throw this out since of all things the first case was negligence and this is just doing what was necessary .

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