Free Swim Day Encourages Pool Memberships

SUNBURY, Pa. -- Liberty Splashland in Northumberland is typically busy this time of year, but the pool is dry this season. It's closed for repairs.

"We've heard stories that it needed major repairs, and I guess they just don't have the money to do it," Mary Heckert said.

When Liberty Splashland closed, some members joined the nearby Sunbury Community Pool.

"We were able to increase our lifeguard numbers. We were also able to increase our snack bar numbers," Ron Pratt said.

Pratt is director of Sunbury's pool and playground operations. He says he is always looking for ways to increase membership at the pool. This is one of 10 free admission days this summer.

"It's really nice when they open it free, really nice," Pam Clark said.

Each one of the free admission days is paid for by a business or group. This one was sponsored by the children's nonprofit Spreading Antlers.

The goal is for people to come and then buy a membership. That's what Mary Heckert is doing for her family.

"It's a great time for the kids to come and play with their friends. That's why when our pool died a few years ago, we didn't replace it. He got to the age when he wanted to be with his friends," Heckert said.

One of the reasons the Sunbury Community Pool is financially stable is its connected to the city's ice rink, which brings in money in the off-season.

"We are lucky in that sense. It is very expensive between payroll, between chlorine and all the other maintenance costs," Pratt said.

Membership to the Sunbury Community Pool is $60 a person, or $150 for families of three to five people. The next free admission day at Sunbury Community Pool is June 23.    Click here to see the rest.

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