Williamsport Man Charged with Severe Child Beating

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A man from Williamsport is in jail, accused of beating his girlfriend's toddler so bad, that the 2-year-old child will need care for the rest of his life.

According to court papers, Bahteem Sims, 21, was babysitting the 2-year-old boy on May 9 at his girlfriend's apartment on Glenwood Avenue. He called 911 to report the child was unresponsive, saying the toddler fell off the couch and hit his head.

"There were cops everywhere, ambulances, fire trucks. I had watched them just because it's across the street. I had watched them because I was curious about what was going on in the neighborhood," said neighbor Stacy Walter.

According to court papers, paramedics did not believe the child fell off a couch because his injuries were too severe.

Doctors found about 100 hemorrhages in each eye, eight broken ribs in various stages of healing, and many old bruises. That's all in addition to the child's brain injury.

"It's too much. The kid obviously was put through it more than once and it should never have even have come to this," said neighbor Kelsey Cole.

Sims faces charges including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

Neighbors tell Newswatch 16 they wish they would have known about the alleged abuse, but since it's an apartment house, it's hard to know what's going on inside.

"I don't follow the people in and out of it but it's sad knowing it's right there. You'd like to think if you see something like that, you can help them, but unfortunately, I never noticed," said Walter.

"We know most kids on this block, but we didn't know there was a young child even living in that building. I just saw adults," Cole said.

Sims is in the Lycoming County Jail. The child is still in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Earlier this week, the child's mother was charged with endangering the welfare of a child. She's currently free on the condition that she have no contact with the boy.


  • lickerblisters

    Williamsport used to be a nice town until the late ’80s. Now it’s all Philly ghetto overflow. I guess you could pretty much say that about most of our local small cities. Isn’t that right Scranton, Wilkesbarre and Hazleton? Except Hazleton was destroyed by a neighboring country to our south.

  • jsrant

    I’m sure mom is a blond white dumb a** bit**. Black boys are the best.
    As far as working, she collects welfare and turns tricks or sells drugs. She is definitely not June Cleaver. Fry the both of them.

    • gutterratt

      No dum-mass, she’s not. What difference does any of that make? You gonna act like white guys don’t do this and worse? Guess you forgot that white trash that lived in a trailer with his girlfriend and his wife who hung their 3 yr old son upside down and beat him enough to let him die while they had sex and went out for pizza?

  • Kill Them All

    He deserves to get his butt kicked every day in prison. Like beating up a 2year old is a total wupping on that guy

  • donny hud43987

    A… KICKED EVERY DAY IN PRISON!!!! Real tough guy,,, beats up a 2 year old!!! The inmates will straighten this out!!!

  • AMJoy Fan

    The narrative of incivility that has been instituted by Trump can’t help situations such as this. Not to mention the stresses from the racial and economic discrimination such as Trump’s cruel, cynical health care sabotage campaign, and exploding gas prices which wiped out the few meager gains that some families should have received from the his tax scam, as wages remain stagnant. Lets get to the real root of this problem!

    • burtfan16

      You blame Trump for everything. It’s as if nothing bad happened before Trump was elected. We get it, you don’t like Trump. Shut up already about him.

      • AMJoy Fan

        Never! The Trump agenda threatens the welfare of women, immigrants, LGBTQ Americans and, through climate denial, the health of the planet itself. #resist

      • AMJoy Fan

        There you go again, trying to silence dissent by name calling! Someone expresses an opinion you disagree with so you try to marginalize them by labeling them. Shame on you.

    • lickerblisters

      Yeah AMJOY, it’s Trump’s fault this missing link caved in a 2 year old’s
      eyesock. How come after every time I read one of your posts I get the sudden urge to sodomize myself with a pitchfork? Why is that?

    • jsrant

      That’s right, blame trump for everything. It just goes to show that you don’t know what your talking about. This pos deserves more than a beating. Another welfare, crackhead situation. We need to get a better handle on who receives welfare. It’s our money they are receiving.

  • burtfan16

    How about facing charges of attempted homicide? You do this enough to a child you know it’s going to end in death. Scumbag, I hope they put him in with the worst of the worst.

  • tvviewer44816377

    How many times must we hear this same story? Boyfriend beats up girlfriends child while she’s at work. These guys have no emotional attachment to the child but only see the child as competition for the mothers affections. Check the roof of the residence. Guaranteed there are multiple satellite dishes so he can watch porno while she works to support him.

    • gutterratt

      You would be surprised at how many biological fathers aren’t much better in the “it’s all about me” category. The world is full of dark triads.

  • diddunuffin

    This is so sad. Who beats a helpless child so bad it now has a brain injury? They say this happened more than once mind you. The mother should be charged also, she knew what was going on!!! Diversity is not a strength.

  • mickmars

    Wow. A real tough dude here. It takes a real mans man to beat a 2 year old child almost to death. They should make these assclowns wear tee shirts that announce what they did when they get thrown in jail “I beat up children” “I molest children”. Etc. I’d bet ustice would take care of itself rather quickly,and we wouldn’t have to foot the bill to keep them alive for 60 years in the system.

  • lickerblisters

    Hey ladies, get some morals and a little bit of self-esteem and find yourself a man with a job, a car and human like values. I’m guessing this all happened while mom was at work and the toddler was interfering with Bahteem’s porn viewing. WHAT’S A BAHTEEM ANYWAYS????

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