Edwardsville Pierogi Festival

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. -- The Edwardsville Pierogi Festival kicked off Friday morning in Luzerne County.

It's a day organizers were worried might not even happen after another town in Indiana sued organizers in Luzerne County.

But the food fight is over, and people in Edwardsville are already enjoying some delicious homemade Polish dishes, and most importantly, pierogies here at the festival.

Who would ever think that the buttery flavorful deliciousness of a pierogi could cause so much controversy, enough that this festival in Edwardsville could have come to an end?

But here in Luzerne County, the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival was saved. A confidential agreement was reached after a town in Indiana sued festival organizers for having a similar event name.

People here in Edwardsville say they knew they had to fight it for the sake of hometown pride.

"This is what Edwardsville needed. We needed a shot in the arm. We needed something to bring some life back into town. After the first year, we knew we had something," said organizer Jackie Moran.

This year there are 65 vendors at the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival, which is the most they've ever had. Organizers say people just seem to be more passionate about the event since they almost lost it.

"I did not want this tradition to stop. So now it being in its fifth year, I'd like to see it keep on going," Joe Stanavage, Joe's Homemade Pierogies.

Even businesses trying their hand at the pierogi contest for the first time, including Polish Connection in Plymouth, are showing off their dishes.

"Every one is made by hand. It's not machine made, we make every pierogie by hand," said Denise Gilbert.

People say, after all, pierogies are a part of the heart of the Wyoming Valley.

I'm from this area and so pierogies are here to stay. That's our thing, we know it's ours. It's a Wilkes-Barre thing for sure," said Liz Cochran of Dallas.

You can try some of the pierogies for yourself in Edwardsville. The festival runs through Saturday night.

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