Children in Stroller Hurt in Clarks Summit Crash

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CLARKS SUMMIT, Pa. -- Two children were hurt when the stroller they were in was struck by a vehicle in Lackawanna County.

It happened around 11 a.m. Friday at the corner of Bedford and Center Streets in Clarks Summit.

Police say the driver using the GPS on her phone slammed into a group of adults and children crossing the street.

It was a scene no parent wants to see -- small children surrounded by police cars after a minivan struck a stroller carrying two kids.

"My wife just came in and said someone had got hit in the crosswalk and she was running over with an ice pack," said Jordan Trask.

The ambulance soon arrived at Center and Bedford Streets.

Police say the driver was on her phone using her GPS and drove into a group of children crossing the street.

Two of them had to be taken to Geisinger Commonwealth Medical Center.

Police are still investigating this incident and tell Newswatch 16 the driver will be cited.

"They come through here every day they use the crosswalk like clockwork sometimes with stroller sometimes they have a bunch of kids walking and they have them tied together this is the first time in almost three years we have been here," said Trask.

As a parent, Sherry Sidwell says this crash could've been prevented.

"People need to be more careful, especially when we are in a residential area. People do walk through here; it is a crosswalk," Sidwell said.

"People just need to stop and think. This was thoughtlessness," Trask added.


  • tentative77562308

    There is a very simple way to stop cellphone use while driving. Anyone involved in an accident while using a cellphone (provable by checking cellphone records) loses insurance coverage for that incident. They will be responsible for all costs (repairs, lawsuits, medical, etc.).

  • Azul57

    So sorry to hear about this accident. I hope everyone will be ok. As far as the police in the area helping with the crosswalk situation it’s never going to be enforced. I live in the area and have walked directly up to policeman’s cars and asked how they can sit and watch people try to cross in the crosswalk and cars never ever stop. One response was that the street has to have a pedestrian sign in the middle of the street and the other response was a shoulder shrug . I have been a witness to two accidents involving crosswalks in Clarks Summit. One in which the man was crossing his dog and a dump truck barreled up the road and ran him over and he died at the scene. Of course the truck driver got off. What a joke. I knew this man and I saw what happened. Another time, a woman was crossing in front of CVS and was hit. The police in CS do not ticket or even come close to enforcing pedestrian crosswalks. I’m certain local residents know they won’t be ticketed. Pedestrians trust that people will slow down and allow them to cross. If you live in CS or CG watch how people fly through the streets on phones etc… not even aware of children or adults!!!

  • lickerblisters

    Until DWC (driving while cellphoning) is treated as a DUI, it will NEVER be taken seriously. Jail sentence, license revocation, large fines, vehicle confiscation and public service!

  • John Harrison

    I was under the impression that driving while talking on those damn phones was illegal!!!

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