Apartments Condemned Due to Bedbugs and Fleas

MOOSIC, Pa -- An apartment house in Lackawanna county has been condemned.

Police told us they discovered bed bugs and fleas today when they responded to a medical call at the place along Birney Avenue in Moosic.

A building inspector condemned four apartments.

Officials say the owner must have the place exterminated and re-inspected before residents can move back here in Lackawanna County.


  • Mopar Driver (@RustyMopars)

    It’s not the landlords , It’s the renters who bring in the bedbugs/ fleas and wouldn’t work to cleanse it – Hence the eviction by condemning . Yet these people and belongings ( and bugs) will be moved to another location courtesy of our govt . stipends .

  • lickerblisters

    Lackawanna county seems so nasty. I sneak a peak once in a while while driving by on 81 but that’s about it. Thank God most of my view is blocked by grown over coal piles and landfill mountains.

  • jsrant

    Slumlords once again. Rent to section 8 pos. What do you expect, as long as he’s getting his govt checks. Fine the landlord and penalize him for a year or so. Can’t rent for that time.

      • donald fox

        Sometimes it is renters but I remember as a kid an apartment my mom rented in a 6 apartment building being infested by roaches. She kept it as clean as humanly possible but to no avail….. we would still see roaches scurry when you put a light on. The landlord didnt care so long as you paid rent on time.

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