Reporting Potholes and High Grass in Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- There is a new way to report code violations in Hazleton.

The mayor and the city's code enforcement office set up two email addresses and a phone line this week for people to report potholes and high grass.

The city's code enforcement officer says that when his office gets a report, he will try to contact the homeowner by phone and then send a letter.

People are hoping the city is lenient on fines.

"Long grass and things of that nature, it happens. I just think people should be warned before any action is taken because some of our families just don't have a lot of money," said Hazleton resident Joe Veach.

Contact city officials here:




  • lickerblisters

    The hotline will only be successful if the operator can speak the Spanish language. And Donny made a good point. WHERE’S THE ILLEGAL ALIEN REPORTING HOTLINE NUMBER????

  • rjelq

    the skook and hazleton are models america should not follow. I mean nearby Shenandoah is worrying about new garbage cans ! while towns infiltrated with illegals, blight and drugs. i see a bright future here folks!

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