Drinks Flowing from New Bottling Line in Luzerne County

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DUPONT, Pa. --  A new state-of-the-art $20 million bottling line in Dupont started making, filling, and shipping out bottles Thursday morning at USHydrations in Pittston Township.

If you blink, you might miss it. That's how quickly work flows at the USHydrations plant in Pittston Township and work to get its new $20 million bottling up and running went just at quickly.

"This is normally achieved in between 15 to18 months. We did this in nine months the entire thing, which is unheard of," said Prashant Shitut, president and CEO of USHydrations.

This new bottling line started making, filling, and shipping out plastic bottles Thursday morning. It was brought on because the company just partnered with Core, one of the fastest growing organic water brands in the country.

In this kind of an economy, in this area, this is just positive. We are very secure in our jobs here and we're looking for continued growth, actually," said worker Dawn Dumas.

The plant used to fill up and ship out 1.2 million bottles of all types of beverages every day but with the new line, it'll shoot up to 2.5 million.

"It's roughly about 2,000 bottles a minute," Shitut said.

That's just amazing. Just the thought of all these bottles going out across the United States," Dumas added.

The head of USHydrations says the plant's location in northeastern Pennsylvania is a big plus.

"We are close to 100 million consumers so that is very attractive to the brands that we produce here. Secondly, we have a very good workforce."

150 tractor-trailers bring in raw materials and truck these products out every day.

USHydrations plans to add employees to work on the new bottling line.

It also expects to have a new canning operation up and running within a year.

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