New Trash Cans in Downtown Shenandoah

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SHENANDOAH, Pa.  -- Shenandoah's Rotary Club just put out trash cans in the borough's downtown.

It's an effort, the group said, that helps everyone in the community keep the area clean.

"It does make a big difference as people walk the streets," King Kruller Donut Shop Manager Rhonda Luettgen said.

Luettgen has owned a donut shop on Main Street in Shenandoah for 20 years. She is thankful for the trash cans.

"It's a necessity," Luettgen said. "It's a really good idea because you don't want people to drive through the town or walk through the town and find that it looks really messy."

The Rotary Club starts putting the trash cans out when it gets warmer. It's been doing this for the last 15 years. The Rotary Club allows local businesses to sponsor the trash cans every year to keep them in good shape. They are painted by inmates at local prisons.

The trash cans always catch the eye of people walking downtown.

"There's a lot of storefronts that like to keep their fronts looking nice and all that, so it's nice to have them in front of the main street. People don't litter. They stick them in the garbage can,"  Eric Becker of Shenandoah said.

The Rotary Club isn't the only group focused on keeping Shenandoah clean, Downtown Shenandoah, Inc, is, too. Since the beginning of the spring, the organization has been encouraging local businesses to get involved in the effort.

"We are working with borough hall asking people to sweep their storefronts, push it out into the gutter on Thursday and the sweeper will come through and clean it up," Andrea Pytak of Downtown Shenandoah, Inc. said.

Even though the trash cans are a small gesture, business owners like Luettgen said they make a huge difference.

"We are proud of a lot of things that go on in this town, so that is just a little extra that does mean a lot," Luettgen said.

The Rotary Club will keep the trash cans up all summer long. They take them away before the first big snow.


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