Uncertain Future for Residents of Meshoppen Cat Rescue

MESHOPPEN, Pa. -- Mel, Snowball, Grace, and the other cats at Meshoppen Cat Rescue have always been looking for a new home, but now, it's more important than ever.

The shelter that has housed them for years in Wyoming County will be closing.

These are all indoor cats that have been abandoned.

"A lot of them are just dumped on the streets, and they find us, and we bring them here," explained Judy Krafjack, Meshoppen Cat Rescue.

Cats were free to roam inside the cat rescue in Meshoppen. Officials with the rescue have been able to stay in this building and take care of the cats rent-free. But now, the owner is starting to charge a price that volunteers are not able to pay.

"Circumstances have changed. He would like us to vacate the building. We have no ill will. We are good friends, so we would like to adopt out quite a few if we could," Krafjack said.

Now, these friendly cats could soon be without a home.

"They are all special. Snowball was dropped off at Lake Sheridan; someone abandoned him. We have cats here that were kept drunk and thrown out of windows," said Sara Brown, Meshoppen Cat Rescue.

Some of the cats have been here for seven or eight years, and now, it's important for them to find a home.

"It is very devastating for us. It really is because life happens, and when you're in the rescue business, it's tough because you love them all," said Paula Foux, Meshoppen Cat Rescue.

"If you have it in your heart and in your pocketbook to adopt then that would be great," Krafjack added.

Meshoppen Cat Rescue officials say they have to leave the building by the end of the month. They are hoping the more than 40 cats find new homes or a new building by then.

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  • John Harrison

    I sure hope that these cats find a home to be taken care of!! If I didn’t live so far away, I would take some of them!!!!

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