Scranton Police Identify Suspects in Vandalism Spree

SCRANTON, Pa. — Police in Scranton have identified three people as suspects in a vandalism spree in the city over the weekend.

Victoria Patrick, 19, of Dunmore, was arrested Tuesday and charged with felony criminal mischief and other related charges.

Cyera Lugo, 19, of Peckville, and Salvatore DePasquale, 19, of Avoca, were also arrested Tuesday for their role in these incidents. Police have not said what they are charged with.

Police said about 50 car windows were shot out with BB pellets early Sunday morning in the neighborhoods of north and west Scranton.


    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Good possibility, Jim. Or maybe even MY FOOT. The trouble with the WordPress platform is it’s too easy to switch IDs for the trolls or compulsive posters (guess there’s no difference, really). Honest, normal people wouldn’t even think of dong that. No sense in wracking your brain about it though. They are what they are.

    • AMJoy Fan

      Likely an act of resistance because of the bigotry and lack of opportunity in our society. We ain’t going to have “criminal justice” until we have social and economic justice!

      • mickmars

        Or maybe, just maybe, they’re 19 year old morons who need to grow up, accept a little responsibility in their lives, and attempt to contribute to society,instead of expecting society to always contribute to them?? Just putting it out there….

      • AMJoy Fan

        No Jim, not a troll, just someone with a different opinion than you who actually cares about having a JUST and EQUAL society!

      • VaViJo (@VaViJo4)

        I would put my money on them being unappreciative, immature, moronic teens. They did a lot of damage. It’s not likely that they are intelligent enough to protest an unjust society. If they were, they probably would have chose a different forum to display their discontent.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        “Free people are not equal. Equal people are not free.” I choose freedom.

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