Purple Flags Popping Up in Downtown Stroudsburg

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STROUDSBURG, Pa. -- Some people in Stroudsburg are wondering what the purple flags mean that have popped up along Main Street downtown.

Kurt Fillman lives in Stroudsburg and often walks around downtown. Lately, he has seen purple flags lining Main Street.

"Been noticing purple flags the last couple weeks. We actually just had lunch here and we were asking our waitress what they were and she didn't know either, so we were very curious," said Fillman.

Seventy flags were put up by members of the American Cancer Society of the Greater Pocono Area.

Lisa Hoey is the Monroe County Relay for Life Manager. She says the unmarked flags were meant to make people curious.

"We really wanted people to go, 'What are these flags about?' Which is why we intentionally didn't logo them because we wanted to spark a conversation," said Hoey.

Organizers hope these flags will get people asking more questions about the organization and Relay for Life, a fundraising event of the American Cancer Society.

"Relay for life is actually a celebration in the community. It gives us an opportunity to celebrate cancer survivors, and it gives families the opportunity to grieve the loss of a loved one," said Hoey.

On Sunday, Relay for Life team members will walk up and down Main Street putting signs in business windows letting people know what the purple flags mean. Some business owners we spoke to say it's great to see so many places downtown help out such a good cause.

"That cause is a very good one because I think everyone knows somebody. It's terrible but yeah, it's a good one. It's one of the ones I sponsor," said Paula Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick's.

"It's certainly a great organization and can always use more support. So anything that gets more people involved is a good thing," said Fillman.

Relay for Life is scheduled to be held on June 16 at East Stroudsburg University.

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