Homeowners React to Hearing About UPS Truck Catching Fire in Their Driveway

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WESTFALL TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Incredible video taken by Bob Innella shows a UPS truck becoming engulfed in heavy flames Tuesday afternoon.

Fire and smoke billowed from the vehicle which was parked in the driveway of a home on Rose Lane near Matamoras.

“You can see smoke was everywhere then it just, what happened was the wind engulfed it and fed it. We got strong breezes then. It just a massive fire,” said Innella.

The driver says he was at the home making a delivery and was in the back of the truck when he heard a hiss, then something exploded, and the truck caught fire.

Officials say the driver went to the hospital for breathing in too much smoke.

Homeowners Tony and Mary Pinkala were on a bus trip when this happened and soon they started getting calls from neighbors and the Eastern Pike Regional Police Department.

“So then they called me, and they told us what happened, so yeah it was a little surprising,” said Mary. “Yeah, I'm like, 'What do you mean there's a fire in my driveway?'”

“We saw the pictures on Facebook, and it was like, 'Oh my God,'” said Tony.

The fire was put out quickly.

A state police fire marshal determined the fire did start in the back where the packages are stored.

An investigator with UPS was on scene and the company says it is working with police.

The Pinkalas say they're glad Mary's car was in the shop this afternoon.

“She normally parks her car right here, so her car normally would be here and the ups bus would have been here, that would have probably caught fire too,” said Tony.

The Eastern Pike Regional Police Department says this investigation is ongoing.

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