Dozens of Car Windows Smashed in Scranton Vandalism Spree

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- Dozens of car windows in Scranton were smashed early Sunday morning, but nothing was stolen from any of them.

Police say the vandal or vandals are believed to be connected to nearly 50 reports that span across west and north Scranton.

Some neighbors woke up in the middle of the night because they heard gunshots. Others woke up Sunday morning to find smashed windows.

"The first thing me and my boyfriend talked about yesterday. I looked at him and said, 'I guess we're getting cameras,'" said Kristin Scaturro.

Scranton police are asking for help identifying the car seen in security camera photos. It is the car of interest in dozens of cases of car windows being smashed over the weekend in several sections of Scranton.

Kristin Scaturro wasn't home at the time but found out because her neighbor was hit, too.

"We got home last night probably about 7 p.m. and I already knew we were going to be calling the police. He came out and did the report, and he said there was a lot of people's cars that were damaged."

Several streets in west and north Scranton neighborhoods and nearly 50 cars were hit. Neighbors say police tell them it was BB gun pellets that shattered the windows.

"I saw a post of how many streets got hit. I was like 'Wow, I can't believe it went on that long.' The pictures he showed me, it was a blur so I'm assuming they were just tearing through the streets just popping off whatever they could," Scaturro said.

Neighbors on the 300 block of Ferdinand say they heard what they thought sounded like shots being fired from a loud car around 3:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

"I'm hoping it was somebody younger, who doesn't know better yet. This is costing people money. We're putting calls out today to our insurance company."

Some of the victims tell us that even with insurance, they could be paying pricey deductibles.

"Hopefully we can get some help with it. If not, we're going to be dishing out a couple hundred bucks. It sucks. I have a million other things to do with a couple hundred dollars. But now I'm probably going to be fixing my car."

Although there were nearly 50 reports of vandalism, there were no reports of anything being taken out of the cars.

Scranton police posted the surveillance photos of the car of interest on their Facebook page and are asking you to contact them if you have any information at 570-348-4239.


  • jimbrony

    Maybe they should fly some more rainbow flags in Scranton. They do want to send the message that they’re inclusive…

    • AMJoy Fan

      True. Perhaps if we had more inclusiveness, social justice, and a greater respect for intersectionality we would have less of this anti-social behavior in the community

      • jimbrony

        Yes, because the absence of the things you mention is always justification for vandalism and the destruction of private property… 🙄

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