Chilly Day at Pocono Raceway

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TUNKHANNOCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Thousands of NASCAR fans bundled up to watch the Pocono 400 race on Sunday.

Normally, fans are walking around in t-shirts and shorts during the June NASCAR race at Pocono Raceway near Long Pond, but on this day, it was pants, sweatshirts, and jackets.

But a little chill was not going to stop these fans from filling the stands and watching the race.

"Love the race, love the atmosphere. Good people, good place, and it's easy to get to," said Walter Butscher of Brooklyn, New York.

"We have fun. It's a family event. The rest of the family is hiding off to the side here, but this is a ritual," said Linda Garrison from New York state.

For the first race of the summer season, the triangle wasn't the only tricky thing at the track. Mother Nature played some tricks of her own with the weather.

"It's freezing compared to the 88 degrees we had yesterday," said Susan Schnabel of New Jersey.

"We came unprepared, sort of. Usually, we are wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip-flops. This year it's the total opposite," Garrison added.

While fans weren't too thrilled with the cold weather, the chill in the air actually helped with sales at some popup merchandise shops.

"Sweatshirts and jackets, everyone wants something warm," said vendor Jeffrey Strunk.

Schnabel says she and her family never miss a race. They didn't mind buying a few layers to stay warm.

"You can bundle up, and it's the best type of place to be where you see everyone from every different background, and everyone is just having a good time," said Schnabel.

"I didn't quite dress the way I expected to, but this works, and it fits well," said Butscher.

Martin Truex Jr. was the winner of the Pocono 400.

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