Thousands of NASCAR Fans Check In at Pocono Raceway

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POCONO RACEWAY -- Thousands of people are checking in their campers and RVs at Pocono Raceway in Monroe County for the Pocono 400 race that is scheduled to take place this weekend.

The check-in lot was packed with NASCAR fans ready to kick off race weekend at Pocono Raceway.

The fun part about check in is seeing all the different RVs and campers. We spoke to some people who pull out all the stops and some others who keep it simple.

RVs, campers, and pickup trucks filled with coolers -- in the Poconos that can only mean one thing: a NASCAR race weekend is near.

"Oh, it's fantastic! I've been a fan of NASCAR since I was a little, little guy. It's just been so much fun," said Charlie Wrede of Bangor.

The Pocono 400 race is set for Sunday and plenty of people are checking in early at Pocono Raceway.

Jim French from New Jersey says besides the race he likes seeing all the different campers and RVs that pull through.

"We are not quite as intense as some but we have fun with ours. I love watching some of these guys come in, some of the rigs are interesting. You get ideas and you're like, 'oh, I can do that or let me try that.'"

You see a lot of impressive RVs and campers but you do find a select few who just like to keep it simple.

"We are very low key. A couple years ago we were here and we have a thing made called the 'hillbilly Hilton.' We put five or ten of these pop-ups together, put a tarp over it. We eat, sleep, put in a kitchen area," Wrede said.

And while some like seeing all the different campers and RVs, others are just here for the party.

"Drink some beer," said Teddy Little of State College. "That's what we are going to do. Drink beer, hang out, fill the swimming pool."

NASCAR flags are flying and race fans are making their way to Pocono Raceway near Long Pond.

Among them, the DeMarchi family from Syracuse, New York.

"Partying! We are going to watch the race and have a good time," said Rick DeMarchi, Syracuse.

"The camping is fun. It's almost like an extended family. There are like four or five of us here now and more are coming. We always camp together," said Anthony DeMarchi, Syracuse.

Fans hope for good weather this race weekend.

Charnell Scheetz from Pocono Lake says rain or shine, her family is here every year.

"We love it. Five miles from my driveway to the tunnel turn. We love it, we don't care what the weather is like," said Charnell Scheetz, Pocono Lake.

People here at Pocono Raceway say they love coming back each year because there is something to do for both adults and kids, especially with the new playground that was just built this year.

"Me and my friend, we went across it and we played around on it," said Tyler DeMarchi, Syracuse.

Kaitlyn Graham from East Stroudsburg is excited to be back for another race.

"Last year was my first year. It was amazing, the race was cool and everyone was awesome," Kaitlyn Graham, East Stroudsburg.

"It's amazing. You always meet new people, amazing people, it's a great time. There's cookouts, it's a lot of fun," said Gary Van Why, East Stroudsburg.

The Pocono 400 race is set for Sunday. The race is scheduled to begin at 2 p.m.


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