Remains Found in Shed Fire Identified, Grandmother Missing

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PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A Luzerne County mother was in court on Friday as odd circumstances continue to swirl around her in a case Newswatch 16 has been covering for months.

It now involves human remains and a missing person.

This all started with a February shed fire in Plains Township, where human remains were found. Those remains have been identified as the son of Linasheri D'Onofrio, but that's not the only part of this story.

Authorities are also trying to find her grandmother.

On Friday, D'Onofrio was in court for a separate case, where she claimed her innocence.

Linasheri D'Onofrio was back at the Luzerne County Courthouse for a court hearing on bad checks and forgery.

Since February, she's been involved in a mysterious case that has multiple layers.

"They're holding me in jail for checks that I did not sign. My grandmother signed them and Charles D'Onofrio and Brian Stevens committed that fire!" D'Onofrio said.

In February, authorities responded to East Mountain Ridge mobile home park in Plains Township for a shed fire.

Inside the shed behind D'Onofrio's mobile home, they discovered human remains.

In a news release from state police, investigators say that through DNA testing, those remains have been identified as Shain D'Onofrio, age 24.

Birth records show that Linasheri is Shain's mother.

A neighbor recalls seeing the two around

"I'll be totally honest with you. I had some feeling of guilt because when I saw the condition this young man was in and the way he was being taken care of, I should've called the authorities. I really should have. God forgive me for not doing that. Should've done that. Maybe he'd be better off today," said James Gilbert.

Investigators also say that D'Onofrio's grandmother Mary Mikulak moved in with her granddaughter in 2007, but no death records or human remains have been found.

Investigators have Mikulak listed as a missing person.

This did not come as surprise to neighbors

"I was shocked. I was totally shocked, but not surprised. To be honest with you, I wasn't surprised," Gilber said.

Another resident tells Newswatch 16 that after the initial incident in February, he started locking his doors right away. He adds that he and his wife have lost sleep, worrying about what happened. He hopes all of this is resolved soon.

"Something has to happen to her. I think it will. It's only a matter of time," Charles Feagley said.

No one has been charged in connection with anything involving the shed fire, the remains, or the missing person.

D'Onofrio gave up her right to a hearing.


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