Students Rock the Vote in Luzerne County

UNION TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Students at Northwest Area High School near Shickshinny were honored Thursday night for their efforts to register to vote.

The Advanced Placement government class was recognized by the Pennsylvania Department of State for the endeavor.

Four members of the class received individual certificates for their effort as leaders.

"We all thought it'd be a really neat thing for the whole class to do together, to try and get the school involved because, you know, everyone complains a little bit about everything here and there and the more people get involved, the more things can change," said Anthony Clements, student award-winner.

39 out of 41 eligible students registered to vote which qualified Northwest Area for gold level status.

The school received a plaque in recognition in Luzerne County.

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  • Silverfish Imperetrix

    No doubt they all registered Democrat. The Dems just love their voters young and dumb.

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