Rebates Offered for Energy-Efficient Building

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WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Eco-friendly building contractors can get cash rebates from PPL's new homes energy efficiency program.

Grimm Construction received a $68,000 rebate from PPL for all the energy-efficient items the contractor built into Hamlin Heights, a senior living facility in Salem Township, near Hamlin in Wayne County.

"All the refrigerators, all the dishwashers, right down to the range hoods, and all the HVAC equipment that heats and cools the building is all Energy Star efficient," said Grimm Construction's Tim Madden.

"There's testing done on the building duct system to make sure they are keeping cold air in and hot air out or vice versa as the season might require," said Andrew Dieck, PPL New Homes Program manager.

The Energy Star certified building takes full advantage of PPL's new home energy efficiency program. The more steps that are taken during construction to save on energy, the higher the potential rebate.

The energy saving rebate directly helped out the contractor in this case.

"There were some shortfalls on the project financially and this was able to make some of them up," Madden said.

It also helps the residents.

"Their electric bill is much lower and with the envelope of the building being super-insulated with both the ceilings, the walls, and even the floors, it really keeps their energy bill to a low cost," Madden added.

It's possible for anyone building a new home or business to cash in on energy efficiency rebates.

PPL has the info on its website.

"The dollar amount is not only about our commitment to these sorts of projects but to these builder's commitment to energy efficiency as a whole," said Dieck.

Hamlin Heights just opened this past January. It's a 40-unit facility open to anyone 62 years of age and older. There are still six units available.

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