Despite High Gas Prices, RV Owners are Hitting the Road

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MONTOUR TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Travel through central Pennsylvania, you're bound to see RVs on the road.

Ron Wert and his wife Nancy are on the lookout for a camper, so they stopped by the grand opening of Susquehanna RV's new location near Bloomsburg.

"I love the new building compared to what they have two miles down the road," Ron Wert said.

The Werts are no strangers to travel. They already own an RV and just came back from Florida.

"As we came up through, we made sure we got gas because we didn't want to pay almost a dollar more," Nancy Wert said.

If you're looking to fill up around Bloomsburg, it's going to cost you over $3 per gallon.

According to AAA, drivers in Pennsylvania are paying about $1 more per gallon when compared to prices last year at this time.

"I'd like to see them be more competitive from the states around us. It's really discouraging to see that Pennsylvania has some of the highest gas prices in the country," Nancy said.

The manager at Susquehanna RV says people aren't shying away from their grand opening. They've already helped out several brand new customers.

"When you weigh out the other options and benefits they are getting from their RVs traveling, they are in their own bed whether they are traveling short distance or long distance, they're still doing it," said Susquehanna RV general manager Bob Folk.

As for the Werts, they're planning a few getaways this summer.

"I don't know about anyone else, it might deter long trips or a lot of long trips, but for fairly local, we'll do that anyway because that's what we do," Nancy said.

Susquehanna RV's official grand opening continues through the weekend near Bloomsburg.


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