Woman Thanks Coworkers for Saving Her Life

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WEST BRUNSWICK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A luncheon was held Wednesday to thank the coworkers who saved a woman's life after she had a heart attack.

In November of last year, Michelle Gerstenfeld had a heart attack while she was at work.

"I was working and I thought I pulled a muscle, and as the day went on and the hours went on, I got sicker," Gerstenfeld said.

She works at Seton Manor, a nursing home near Orwigsburg. When her co-workers realized what was happening, they raced to help.

"She had already stopped breathing at that point," Seton Manor Director of Nursing Jackie Zaharis said. "They started CPR. I called for the AED. The whole team just pulled together and we rotated."

They performed CPR on Michelle for two minutes and had to shock her with a defibrillator three times before she woke up. Paramedics said the staff's actions saved her life.

"They did a great job," Schuylkill County EMS paramedic Aaron Maidenford said. "They made our job much easier."

Gerstenfeld wanted to thank her coworkers, so she held a luncheon.

"I appreciate everything they did for me," Gerstenfeld said. "They could have let me go, you know?"

Gerstenfeld went back to work two months after her heart attack. She feels lucky to have such great coworkers by her side.

"I just want to thank them all," Gerstenfeld said. "They did a great job. They might not think so because I'm back, but I think so."

Schuylkill EMS staff recommends everyone take a CPR class just in case you ever need to help someone like Michelle.

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