Roseanne Barr Blames Racist Tweet on Ambien, Lashes Out at Castmates

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Roseanne Barr is blaming Ambien for her racist tweets and telling her fans, “I’m not a racist, just an idiot who made a bad joke.”

Sanofi, the maker of Ambien, responded with a statement full of shade: “While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication.”

Barr’s Ambien explanation was part of an hours-long tweetstorm reacting to ABC’s cancellation of her hit show “Roseanne.”

She had said on Tuesday that she was leaving Twitter, but she just can’t seem to log off.

She zig-zagged between apologizing for her foul Twitter behavior and retweeting memes that made her apology sound insincere. She retweeted fans who portrayed her as the victim of a liberal media double standard. All told, she posted more than 100 times.

Later in the day, President Trump joined her on Twitter. His first public reaction to the show’s cancellation was a tweet criticizing Disney CEO Bob Iger.

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Trump and Barr have been prominent supporters of each other. They both delight in attacking Democrats.

In this case, Barr was fired for her Tuesday tweet about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. But she kept it up on Wednesday, retweeting photos of Jarrett side by side with an ape.

It was Barr’s earlier tweet about Jarrett that caused outrage and ultimately led to the show’s cancellation. In a response to a comment about Jarrett, Barr had said: “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj.”

Barr still claims she was just joking when she compared Jarrett to “Planet of the Apes” and the Muslim Brotherhood in a tweet on Tuesday morning.

In a reply to one of her fans, she said “I honestly thought she was Jewish and Persian-ignorant of me for sure, but…i did.”

She also said she had been on Ambien, a medication used to treat insomnia, at the time.

She tweeted, “guys I did something unforgiveable so do not defend me. It was 2 in the morning and I was ambien tweeting — it was memorial day too — i went 2 far & do not want it defended — it was egregious Indefensible. I made a mistake I wish I hadn’t but…don’t defend it please.”

She cited Ambien again in a later tweet, saying, “Not giving excuses for what I did(tweeted) but I’ve done weird stuff while on ambien — cracked eggs on the wall at 2am etc.”

Oddly, she later deleted all of her references to the medication. Nevertheless, Ambien became the #1 trending topic on Twitter on Wednesday morning, leading to Sanofi’s public rebuke. Barr’s explanation was deemed laughable.

“I have only taken Ambien once … but I don’t remember one of the side-effects being racism,” CNN’s John Berman tweeted.

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In one of her other deleted tweets, Barr said “I’m sorry 4 my tweet, AND I will also defend myself as well as talk to my followers. so, go away if u don’t like it. I will handle my sadness the way I want to. I’m tired of being attacked & belittled more than other comedians who have said worse.”

Some of her replies to fans clearly expressed how she feels. At one point she said she believes she was fired because of fears over a potential boycott of the show’s advertisers. She also lashed out at co-stars Michael Fishman and Sara Gilbert.

“You throw me under the bus. nice!” she said in a tweet directed at Fishman.

Her Twitter account had a manic feel throughout the morning. Through her selection of retweets, Barr implied that she was fired over her support for President Trump. One of the posts she shared said, inexplicably, “they brought the show back so they could inevitably cancel the show when she said something they didn’t like.”

But then she deleted her retweet of that post.

Another retweet, still up as of 7 a.m. ET, quoted Herman Cain on Fox saying “I believe they were looking for a reason to cancel #Roseanne and here’s why. Even though the show was a ratings success, forces within ABC didn’t like the fact that her conservative defense of certain things was so popular.”

Barr also continued to tweet about George Soros, a liberal donor who has been painted as the villain in many right-wing conspiracy theories.

One message she re-tweeted on Wednesday falsely accused the Hungary-born Jewish billionaire of collaborating with the Nazis.

Barr also said her firing “worked out” because she “would leave when they started to try to censor me.”

After a head-spinning 24 hours, there are several outstanding questions:

— What will ABC schedule Tuesdays at 8 p.m. this fall in place of “Roseanne?”

— Is there any possibility of a “Roseanne” sitcom without Barr? A way to keep the cast and crew together in some way?

— Will there be any measurable backlash from her fans?

— Will President Trump comment at all?

— What will Barr do next?

Tom Werner, her longtime producing partner, told that he supported ABC’s decision.

He said he hoped “Roseanne seeks the help she so clearly needs.”


  • Fredric Underhill

    Ms. Barr is leftist. Interestingly she blames all her buddies for the grief she brought on herself.

    Warning to Ms. Barr:
    Bad mouthing the Clintons will get you “on the list.”

  • lickerblisters

    One conservative lost their job over this. HUNDREDS of Liberals lost their job over this. (Casting crews, writers, producers, etc.) WE WIN AGAIN! Winning biggly! Trump 2020!

      • AMJoy Fan

        Obama is actually responsible for the improvement in the economy and Trump is just taking credit for the hard work of others, yet again. Thanks Obama!

  • AMJoy Fan

    I applaud Channel 16 (and CNN) for sharing the truth with America about the racist agenda of the Trump Administrators and its flunky followers like Roseann. And please, get your facts straight before you share this racist and Islamophobic fake news about Ms. Jarrett

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Cite some examples of President Trump’s “racist agenda”, other than Hillary lost and you can’t deal with it. I love me some good fiction.

      • AMJoy Fan

        Trump’s real-estate company tried to avoid renting apartments to African-Americans and gave preferential treatment to whites, according to the federal government. He called some of those who marched alongside white supremacists in Charlottesville, Va., last August “very fine people” and was endorsed by David Duke. Next!

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        No, according to three disgruntled employees interviewed by the FBI. Other tenants said that they saw no discrimination and his properties had “Negroes, Puerto Ricans, and Orientals” as tenants.So it was ‘he said – she said’. The Trumps (father Fred and son Donald) countersued for $100 million against the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division’s suit against them in 1973. They entered into a consent decree in 1975 and both sides claimed victory.
        Of course some of those that marched in Charlotte were “very fine people”. Those were the local Southerners that were protesting the removal of Confederate monuments, who originally filed for the permit. The ‘white supremacists’ crashed the legal protest and made a mess out of it, including one death. (Some Charlotte residents say they saw several buses of “protesters” arrive in town just prior to the event. 70% of those arrested had out-of-state IDs These were paid troublemakers. The question is just who paid them and why.)
        President Trump disavowed Duke’s endorsement several times. It’s a free country – he can support whomever he chooses. That in no way means his support was wanted or accepted.
        (You’re kinda new at this internet thing, aren’t you. Next!)

      • AMJoy Fan

        How about his use of MS-13 to attack all immigrants and his attempted Mulsim ban? Of course there is always is supporter Roseanne

  • Amy Ayers

    FBI Files Document Communism in Valerie Jarrett’s Family
    JUNE 22, 2015

    Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) files obtained by Judicial Watch reveal that the dad, maternal grandpa and father-in-law of President Obama’s trusted senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.

    Jarrett’s dad, pathologist and geneticist Dr. James Bowman, had extensive ties to Communist associations and individuals, his lengthy FBI file shows. In 1950 Bowman was in communication with a paid Soviet agent named Alfred Stern, who fled to Prague after getting charged with espionage. Bowman was also a member of a Communist-sympathizing group called the Association of Internes and Medical Students. After his discharge from the Army Medical Corps in 1955, Bowman moved to Iran to work, the FBI records show.

    According to Bowman’s government file the Association of Internes and Medical Students is an organization that “has long been a faithful follower of the Communist Party line” and engages in un-American activities. Bowman was born in Washington D.C. and had deep ties to Chicago, where he often collaborated with fellow Communists. JW also obtained documents on Bowman from the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) showing that the FBI was brought into investigate him for his membership in a group that “follows the communist party line.” The Jarrett family Communist ties also include a business partnership between Jarrett’s maternal grandpa, Robert Rochon Taylor, and Stern, the Soviet agent associated with her dad.

    Jarrett’s father-in-law, Vernon Jarrett, was also another big-time Chicago Communist, according to separate FBI files obtained by JW as part of a probe into the Jarrett family’s Communist ties. For a period of time Vernon Jarrett appeared on the FBI’s Security Index and was considered a potential Communist saboteur who was to be arrested in the event of a conflict with the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). His FBI file reveals that he was assigned to write propaganda for a Communist Party front group in Chicago that would “disseminate the Communist Party line among…the middle class.”

    It’s been well documented that Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago lawyer and longtime Obama confidant, is a liberal extremist who wields tremendous power in the White House. Faithful to her roots, she still has connections to many Communist and extremist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Jarrett and her family also had strong ties to Frank Marshal Davis, a big Obama mentor and Communist Party member with an extensive FBI file.

    JW has exposed Valerie Jarrett’s many transgressions over the years, including her role in covering up a scandalous gun-running operation carried out by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Last fall JW obtained public records that show Jarrett was a key player in the effort to cover up that Attorney General Eric Holder lied to Congress about the Fast and Furious, a disastrous experiment in which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) allowed guns from the U.S. to be smuggled into Mexico so they could eventually be traced to drug cartels. Instead, federal law enforcement officers lost track of hundreds of weapons which have been used in an unknown number of crimes, including the murder of a U.S. Border Patrol agent in Arizona.

    In 2008 JW got documents linking Valerie Jarrett, who also served as co-chairman of Obama’s presidential transition team, to a series of real estate scandals, including several housing projects operated by convicted felon and Obama fundraiser/friend Antoin “Tony” Rezko. According to the documents obtained from the Illinois Secretary of State, Valerie Jarrett served as a board member for several organizations that provided funding and support for Chicago slum projects operated by Rezko.

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    Toward The Future: Govt. Takes Nearly 15 Years to Respond to JW Record Request » »
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    • J (@ds18301)

      Ms. Ayers, This is a great example of what tin-hat conservative groups do. They give themselves an official name and then smear people with um-referenced “information”. The GOP congress did EVERYTHING in its power to destroy Obama and his associates, spending millions of taxpayer dollars and came up with NOTHING. If any of this nonsense constituted a crime, there are enough tin-hat, Alex Jones following congressman that would have been screaming and demanding action. It is a verifiable fact that Obama and his administration has the cleanest record of any president in a generation, in contrast to the current train wreck.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        That there is funny. I don’t care who you are. The media shielded, downplayed, and spun Obama from before day one right up to now. Google ‘Obama’s scandals and blunders list’. (I don’t feel like typing for two hours.)

  • Brien Caldwell

    Why is channel 16 posting a leftist video from CNN ? No more channel 16 for me !!! Sorry Milo, Gotta Go. I’m tired of this one-way leftist, communist BS !!

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