Mom, Grandmother Charged After 2-Year-Old Boy Found in the Street Twice

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NANTICOKE, Pa. -- A mother and grandmother are locked up in Luzerne County, accused of neglecting a 2-year-old child.

Nanticoke police say the boy's mother, Tatiana Moore, 20, and grandmother, Trisella Hubbard, 42, are facing charges of child endangerment after the child was found alone on a busy street twice in two months.

Moore and Hubbard are accused of neglecting the 2-year-old child in their care.

Police say the child got out of their house at 200 West Main Street in Nanticoke twice in two months.

Police say Moore is the child's mother. Hubbard is the grandmother.

Neighbors say they haven't lived there long.

“It seemed like about a year or so, I think, the people in that front house because for a while there wasn't anybody there,” said neighbor Ed Greenleaf.

According to Nanticoke police, a passerby called police on April 17 after finding the 2-year-old boy alone, wearing a diaper, on the curb of West Main Street and Slope Street around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Police say that intersection is busy that time of day.

“Quite busy, yeah. I mean there's traffic flying up and down this road all the time,” said Joseph Daniel. “My kid, my daughter's 12, and I don't even like her going out.”

“It's always got traffic going back and forth,” said Greenleaf. “Yeah, the child could have been hit and killed or something or hurt badly.”

Luzerne County Children and Youth spoke with the women. They said they didn't realize the child had gotten out of the house. It was arranged that the grandmother would be responsible for the child.

Then on May 16, police were called again just before 11 a.m. when a driver saw the child in the middle of the road, telling officers she almost hit the boy. She told police the child was only wearing a diaper, and it was raining.

Court papers show that police were called back to the house later that day on May 16 for a report that the 2-year-old was hanging out of a second-floor window.

Police say when they arrived around 2:45 p.m., they found Children and Youth workers at the home.

Children and Youth took the child, and the women were charged with child endangerment.

Moore and Hubbard are locked up at the Luzerne County jail on $75,000 bail.


  • AMJoy Fan

    Folks here need to read up on the truth because facts matter. This is a by product of Trump’s war on the poor and working families. According to the well-respected Center for American Progress Trump made “deep cuts to programs that help families afford the basics, all to pay for a $1.5 trillion tax cut that largely benefits wealthy individuals and corporations”. Also, Trump’s tax scam “plan will actually undermine families with young children who are working to reach the middle class.”

    • jsrant

      You really are dumb and blind. These drug addict scumbags have been sucking off the govt. And treating there kids like crap for decades way before trump came along. We need to stop giving these scumbags all the freebies they get.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        It’s willful ignorance, JS. Joy’s pushing an ideology of lies and communism. I have to laugh when the source he/she/it quotes is prefaced as being “well-respected”, like the Center for American Progress or the Huffington Post. They’re well-known leftist looney bins that are pushing for the destruction of America as we know it to be replaced with socialism and eventually communism. As they say – that dog won’t hunt.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      No, this is an ongoing result of LBJ’s ‘War On Poverty’. Welfare substituted for not having a husband in the home and penalized recipients if they did marry by decreasing their benefits. It eroded the self-sufficiency of everyone that was on it and destroyed the black family at the same time. I’m sure some people here remember LBJ’s infamous, off-the-record quote regarding getting some people to “vote Democrat for the next 200 years”. Democrats ruin everything they touch.

  • jsrant

    Didn’t live there long, of course not. They rack up the bills, trash the place and then move on. The place looks like a slumlords place. Daughter following in mom’s footsteps. Kid with no father, typical. Stop the checks from now on, no more assistance for the rest of there lives.

  • AMJoy Fan

    One has to look critical at this story (and over look the racists comments of the Roseanne fans here). What role did Trump’s cuts to child care, SNAP, and CHIP programs play in this unfortunate situation? How many more sad cases like this are there going to be until we have transformative change to bring about social justice in this society.

    • Ginny Anderson

      Social justice? Perhaps people should try personal responsibility. As for the cuts in the programs you mentioned, I think taxpayers are sick and tired of lazy good for nothings taking while blaming others for their lack of personal responsibility. This story is just typical of those getting handouts. The child needs to be permanently taken away and those two poor excuses for family banned from ever receiving government money

      • jsrant

        This has been happening way before trump so don’t blame him. Blame the scumbags who feed off the system. Everyone here is speaking the truth. Truth hurts, doesn’t it.

    • lickerblisters

      AMJOY FAN- By saying “childcare” don’t you mean parenting? Childcare would be for the working class. This would obviously not be them. Your comments give me the sudden urge to sodomize myself with a pitchfork!

    • Ellen Swithers

      Yep, Trump’s fault because these drugged out welfare queens don’t have the common sense to take care of a 2 year old. Keep the freebies flowing so they can crank out some more kids. While we’re at it, let’s give them a raise too.

  • jimbrony

    Child was probably looking for food because the cupboard was bare. C’mon, you do know the story of Old Mother Hubbard?

  • mickmars

    Sadly, it’s probably where this poor little dude will end up,what with a couple of bags of feces “raising him”. Out in the streets.

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