Men Charged for Allegedly Violating Clean Air Act

Five men are facing charges for allegedly modifying fracking equipment to get around federal clean air laws.

Gavin Rexer, 29; Dennis Paulhamus, 39; and Timothy Sweitzer, 41; all of Jersey Shore, along with two men from western Pennsylvania, were charged last week with conspiring to impede the lawful functions of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Department of Transportation (DOT), and to violate the Clean Air Act.

Investigators said the men modified about 30 diesel trucks with “defeat devices” to get around emissions requirements.


      • J (@ds18301)

        1) Any civilization that knowingly pollutes its own drinking water and air, deserves to go extinct. 2) There is every reason (not even putting climate change in the mix), to support a massive (Apollo type) drive to develop renewable energy sources and their storage. 3) How are these Trump gas price increases working out for you? Are you enjoying giving the billionaires at Exxon et al your paltry (and don’t forget temporary) tax reduction yet? Trump et al just keeps laughing at you while buying their second and third private island mansions.

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