‘She shouldn’t be saying those types of things’ – Fans Stunned by ‘Roseanne’ Cancellation

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WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Some people we talked with in Wilkes-Barre Tuesday afternoon say they think Roseanne Barr deserved to have her show canceled.

People in Wilkes-Barre say Roseanne Barr is supposed to be something of a role model as a mom on a national TV show and she can't be saying hurtful things.

Roseanne Barr started playing a mom on her namesake TV show 30 years ago which is why people in Wilkes-Barre say they're surprised she hasn't learned a big piece of parental advice -- if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it.

"For her to have the position she's in, she shouldn't be saying those types of things against anyone, any race, anybody, no matter what they look like or not. She can keep that to herself," said Renard Reynolds of Nanticoke.

People in Wilkes-Barre say they'd be willing to give Roseanne another chance but they hope losing her TV show teaches her a lesson.

"The next job she does get they should look at that, too, to see if she's going to burst out and say any other racist things," Reynolds said.

John Hodge is a boxing coach at Chin Cheka's Boxing Academy for Kids in Wilkes-Barre. He says he'll use this as a teaching moment for his students, showing them that you can't take back what you say.

"She may not have meant it the way she said it but when you say things and not really looking at the effect of it, I think it kind of shatters the person's mind or dream of how Roseanne really is," Hodge said.

People in Wilkes-Barre say it's a heavy price to pay for a tweet but they hope Roseanne Barr learns something from all this.


  • pete ross

    I think people are confused about having the RIGHT to say something, and whether they SHOULD say it or not. She exercised her freedom of speech, and her employer, driven solely by their bottom line, exercised their right to cancel her show.

  • Jack Irvin

    Here is some hate speech, I hate Daesh Obama because he is a traitor, I hate Hillary because she is a lying scumbag that sold materials for nuclear weapons to our enemy, I hate John Kerry because he has aided and abetted our enemy to overthrow our president, these people should be in prison, yet they have so grossly our corrupted our justice system they walk free and continue to undermine America

    • AMJoy Fan

      What planet are you from? Obama and his team brought peace to the world and prosperity to American! They made us respect in the world. Cheetos Trump cheated to win and still got three million votes less that Hillary. Read up on the facts! #notmypresident

      • donald fox

        Well if he is not your president why are you still in america? I dont like trump but as the leader of the country I live in I will respect him in that role… As for Roseann I despise the woman but last I knew this was America where she has freedom of speech. I may not like what she said but in America she has a right to say what she wants when she wants. To many sensitive people anymore.

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        Read up on the Electoral College, why it was established and how it works, then get back to us…unless you’re too busy screaming at the sky.

  • My dixie wrecked

    What did she say that the nation of cry babies and cream puffs can’t handle.. What a pathetic excusethis country has become. So pitiful. Grow some balls America

    • AMJoy Fan

      What she said was hate speech, plain and simple! Words matter and the sooner the type of thing she did becomes illegal, the better off this country will be. We don’t need bigots like her with their verbal violence.

      • donald fox

        Well if words matter such as you claim then why do so many black people use the n word in 90% of rap songs and call each other same word…. yet cry racism when someone says it? You cant have it both ways either something is offensive or it isnt. People in this country just look for reasons to cry and complain. To be honest I am offended by the way people get offended over everything anymore. For all I know someone is offended by my breathing the same air as they are…..

    • C W

      Good riddance to bad rubbish! She should never have been given a chance at a new show.
      This is the same woman that screeched the National Anthem then grabbed her crotch and spat on the ground at a Padres game. Nice way to honor our country, NOT! Are you saying you’re OK with such unpatriotic behavior??? That’s no way to make America great again..

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        I agree with you 100%. She was dead to me after that. As far as her being a Trump supporter now, I think that was one big smelly crock. I wouldn’t doubt for one second that she was in on it with ABC – pretend to be a Trump supporter, then do something outrageous so our President could be linked to her and further slandered. That’s the way these sick bolsheviks work.

      • C W

        Wow, just wow. Just look at all the people that support crotch grabbing and spitting as a show of patriotism to our beautiful anthem and flag.

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