Grasscutting Crews Playing Catch-Up

CLIFFORD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Many people visited the gravesites of loved ones on Memorial Day and many found the same problem -- the rainy weather we've been having has waterlogged cemeteries.

Summer has now unofficially started and the crew at Panorama golf course in Susquehanna County are hoping the sun has some influence on their work this week.

"It's been tough. I mean, we're trying our best to cut grass but it's, there's spots you just can't cut. We're not trying to make a mess out here so, we're mowing what we can," said Kyle Howell.

They say the ground near Forest City has been too saturated with water and crews cant risk tearing up the grass to cut it.

And with more rain in the forecast, that might not change any time soon.

"You know, I don't even want to check the weather at this point!" Howell said.

All that rain came at a bad time for many cemeteries. Many of the cemeteries in Lackawanna County are just getting to the grass a day after Memorial Day.

The maintenance staff at Our Mother of Sorrows cemetery near Carbondale were able to cut on Tuesday but moved their Memorial Day services to another location because the ground was too wet and the grass was too high.

Max Gillow hasn't gotten to his summer job much at all in Scott Township.

"It's really hard to move around. We haven't been allowed to cut much. This is only the second or third time I'm here this year."

So he will be playing catch-up for the next few weeks and hoping summer catches up, too.