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Summer-like Weather for the Unofficial Start to Summer

NORTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The unofficial start to summer brought families and friends to Lackawanna State Park on Memorial Day.

Grills were going, food was cooking and some gatherings were as big as nearly 30 family members and four generations.

"We get to see everybody. We all work, so it's good that everybody is off today and we can enjoy each other's company. Catch up on some old news, new news. We have three new babies coming," said Althia Thomas of Scranton.

The days leading up to Memorial Day weekend, all eyes were on the forecast.

With the threat of rain Saturday, Sunday and Monday folks wondered just how much time they'd get to spend outside this holiday weekend.

"I check it about five times before we left. I said the sun is coming out at 2 o'clock, so it has an hour to arrive," said Allen Popick of Scranton.

After a rainy Sunday and a cloudy and fogging morning, just like that, the sun finally came out.

"It looks beautiful. I worked all day yesterday and it rained and rained and rained. I thought, no everything is going to go to waste, but we would have gotten together somewhere else," said Thomas.

The biggest attraction for the state park in North Abington Township was just how much there was to do on Memorial Day.

Fishing, kayaking or just hanging out under the sun - there was plenty of activity and plenty of people watching.

"Watching the world go by. It's more fun watching people get into their kayaks, that's the best part," said Popick.

"Relaxing, just relaxing. No work today so I'm fine," said Caroline Beck.

And most agreed, the weather was perfect compared to last year's cold and rainy Memorial Day.

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    It is getting hotter and hotter earlier and earlier each year! Next come the droughts and wild fires, all because of corporations and global warming. You can thank Trump for pulling out of the Paris Accord! History will correctly classify him as a war criminal for this! #resist

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