Liquor Stores Open on Memorial Day

LACKAWANNA COUNTY, Pa. -- Hundreds of state liquor stores were open on Memorial Day and customers were happy to have the chance to pick up a bottle or two.

"I think it's alright, if you need something, if you're having a barbecue and you need to run and get something. We were just at Bath and Body Works and we decided to take a walk to the wine store and get a bottle of wine for dinner,” said Cathy Rosania of Honesdale.

The stores had to close at 5 p.m., but being open on holidays is a big change.

Before 2017, state law prohibited these stores from opening on holidays.

"It's different, I mean it's a holiday so you kind of like the idea that everyone gets to celebrate and have the day off, but I think it's alright, seems to be useful,” said Krystina Rosania of Honesdale.

Workers tell Newswatch 16 as people learn they are open on holidays, they expect to get more and more customers.

“A lot of people drink to celebrate or just to have fun and a lot of people have barbecues, so I think it's convenient,” said Annie Carbone of Scranton.

"I think it's super convenient, yeah. I didn't know I even needed anything until just now so, it's great because we were actually going to go get some beer, but the beer place was closed,” laughed Marilyn Agosto of Scranton.

State officials say Fine Wine and Good Spirits Stores will be open on other holidays too, including the Fourth of July.


  • Chris M

    Went to the State store today for a box of wine and I asked the manager how was the holiday? She said same regular, everyday customers, a polite way of saying drunks..

  • RoynBeckie Jensen

    Drink to have fun on a holiday? Tell that to the person who lost a loved one via a drunk driver. Tell that to the woman who is battered by an alcoholic husband. Tell that to a loved one at the bedside of a family member dying of cirrosis of the liver. Tell that to the children who don’t have much to eat because their father spends the grocery money supporting his substance abuse of alcohol. Tell that to the boss whose employee misses work due to a hangover. Happy hour is not happy.

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