Honesdale Remembers the Fallen

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- At the start of the Memorial Day parade in Honesdale veterans paid tribute to the lives lost.

The tradition continues each year as a way to honor the sacrifices made by generations of men and women in uniform.

The marching bands played and many people lined the route along Main Street applauded all that was given for our country.

"I think it's great to see all the kids and adults supporting all the veterans and fallen soldiers on this Memorial Day," said Jen Valerio of Honesdale.

Dave Spry served with the Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom and has seen firsthand the toll of war.

Spry was at the parade with his family to honor the lives lost.

"For the country to pause for a day, to take that time out, just a small fraction of time, to honor those who've gone before us, means the world to me," said Spry.

The same feeling was not lost on the youngest generation.

"It's cool because they risked their lives for us and we give this tribute to them," said Leo Martinez of Honesdale.

A special sight for everyone was a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter flying over the parade route.

A mission close to the heart of Lieutenant Kyle Richter. He's from Honesdale and now serving his country like so many before.

"All the freedoms we do enjoy are because of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. It's important to remember that," said Richter.

In and amongst parades on Monday, as well as all the barbecues and family time, a lot of Americans are taking time out to think about those who fought for all we have and made the ultimate sacrifice.

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