Did Higher Gas Prices Halt Holiday Travel This Memorial Day Weekend?

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COOLBAUGH TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Many who traveled by car this holiday weekend spent the evening making their way back home on Memorial Day.

But with AAA saying the country is seeing the highest gas prices since 2014, did that affect how far people were willing to go?

Newswatch 16 spoke to drivers in Monroe County to find out.

The gas station just off Interstate 380 near Gouldsboro is a popular spot for those traveling through the Poconos to top off their tanks and fill up on snacks.

Many here were making their way back home after being away for Memorial Day weekend.

Rick Chaudoir from New York spent the weekend fishing with his son.

“It was great, except for yesterday, the weather but otherwise great,” said Chaudoir.

But AAA says gas prices are at the highest point since 2014 with the national average in April at $2.72.

In Pennsylvania, gas prices well overshoot that number.

People driving through the Keystone State took notice.

“This is like our third stop so it's up there,” said Mercedes Barber from New York.

“Yeah, yeah, it used to be about $25 to fill my car up, now it's about $35, $36, $37,” said Benny Cemenga from Brooklyn, New York.

Despite the higher gas prices, AAA says nearly 37 million Americans traveled by vehicle this holiday weekend. That's a five percent increase from last year.

It seemed like the gas prices weren't stopping many people here from making long drives.

Myra Vinezia and her family drove to Niagara Falls from New York.

“It was eight hours to get there and it`s going to take us eight hours to get home because of traffic,” said Vinezia. “So it cost us about $120 in gas, cheaper than flying.”

Many said cars don't drive without gas so you just got to face the music.

“Got to do what you got to do,” said Cemenga. “Got to live.”

“I never look at the price because I got to fill up anyway so it doesn't matter whatever, 10, 15 cents, up or down, I got to travel,” said Kenneth Edwards from East Stroudsburg.

AAA says a total of nearly 42 million Americans traveled by plane, train, or automobile this Memorial Day weekend.

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