Students Arrive at School in Style in Northumberland County

LEWIS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Typically when you see tractors running early in the morning, they are on fields not in a parking lot but on Friday at Warrior Run High School near Turbotville they were everywhere.

"I drove my dad's tractor. He just uses it to mow the lawn and stuff but it's a good tractor. It gets me around," said Abby Staman, Turbotville.

It is Tractor Day at Warrior Run High School.

"I don't know how far it goes back but it just started that the seniors at the end of the school year bring their tractors. It's become sort of a culture here at Warrior Run. It's pretty cool, I like it," said Wyatt Fisher of Milton.

"Really four years of my high school every year the last day of school I see the seniors bring their tractors the last day of school. I'm like that's going to be me in four years," said Luke Burrows, Watsontown.

Most of the students at Warrior Run High School live close to the school but their commutes were a little longer than usual.

"I live about ten minutes away so it's not that bad. It took about a half hour," said Staman.

Warrior Run School District is in a rural area and many of these kids grew up on farms.

"It's what really makes Warrior Run special. It's one of the few things that we do that no one else does and I'm proud of that," said Burrows.

The students say Tractor Day was a fun way to end their high school careers.

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  • lickerblisters

    This tradition will come to a screeching end when one of those three girls fall off that one tractor fender. Mark my word! Somebody always ruins a good thing.

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