State Parks Packed with Campers

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RYAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- With it's beautiful views and serene atmosphere, Locust Lake State Park is a destination for people looking to get away this Memorial Day weekend.

"Just having fun for the weekend. We are going to camp tonight so we are just having fun. Today is a beautiful day," said Alfonso Castillo of Delaware.

The campgrounds were packed with people excited to get out on the lake.

"It's very peaceful and relaxing," said Emma Farrell of Philadelphia. "Last year, it rained the whole weekend, so this year it should be a lot better for the campers."

That's not the only thing that is busy at the park, the camp store is too.

"Starting this afternoon, it'll be nonstop until Monday when everybody leaves again," said Teresa Hartzell, a camp store employee.

The most popular item in the store shouldn't surprise you.

"The main thing is ice cream, they love the ice cream," said Hartzell.

A family that made the trek to the park from Delaware have a plan to avoid the rain that's in the forecast for later in the weekend.

"No, because I'm not going to be here on Monday. So we checked the weather and everything was good for at least these two days," said Castillo.

All in all, the people Newswatch 16 spoke with say the park is the best place for a holiday weekend getaway.

"We've done it for about 40 years. Coming up here, we just love Locust Lake. Just getting away from the working and doing things around the house," said Suanne Long of Annville.

The workers at Locust Lake State Park say the next time they'll be this busy is for the Fourth of July.

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