Junior High Students Pay Tribute to Our Nation’s Fallen Heroes

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Led by the beat of their own drum, students from Pocono Mountain East Junior High walked across the small bridge at Veteran's Memorial Park near Tannersville.

Junior High Students came out to honor our nation's fallen heroes.

Anthony Estevez played the bugle alongside his peers and in front of former service members.

"I just wanted to do my part in honoring the veterans who served in our county," said Estevez, an 8th grader.

Less than 24 hours ago Anthony learned how to play the bugle. He tells Newswatch 16 he wanted to learn the instrument in honor of those who died defending our freedom.

"I heard that they were going to do this special ceremony and I just wanted to take part in it so I wanted to play taps," said Estevez.

Students laid down flowers in the water to honor those who died at sea.

Service members saluted as band members played songs like God Bless the USA.

Commander Tom Bowditch says having someone play the bugle is almost a lost art and veterans were honored to have one at their ceremony.

"He did a fantastic job, the whole band itself did a great job but having a bugler like that is fantastic," said Bowditch.

Veterans hope Memorial Day ceremonies like this help students at Pocono Mountain East Junior High School remember the sacrifice of those who defended our country.