Joining Together Two Families… Again

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DELAWARE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Two brothers, two sisters and two marriages. James, Fania, Jamison and Camille Bond talked inside Revival Tabernacle Church near Watsontown and reminisced about Jamison and Camille's wedding the night before.

It's a love story that spans more than 15 years and two countries.

James Bond met Fania Osorio 16 years ago when Bond was on a mission trip to Honduras. They were 11 and 12 years old.

"Fania spoke both English and Spanish so she was the only kid down there I could actually speak with," said James.

The two stayed in touch and started dating a few years later.

"It was a long distance relationship for a while before we got engaged," said Fania.

James and Fania got married in 2013. His brother Jamison was the best man and her sister Camille was the maid of honor.

"It was a friendly, a friendly acquaintance, yeah," said Jamison.

Jamison and Camille's relationship started when the two families came together for the birth of their older siblings first son.

"That would be weird, right? That's my sister-in-law's sister. I don't know about that. Everything went away when I saw her," said Jamison.

"He was such a gentleman and he was really kind. It just worked out and I fell in love with him," said Camille.

What makes this love story even more unique, Jamison and Camille got married on May 24, which is James and Fania's five year anniversary.

"Nothing in life happens for a coincidence. There's a purpose, there's a reason behind it. Just because it's the 24th does not mean it's only our day, it's their special day too," said James.

"I feel like it was definitely God's plan for us to be together like that and it's such a blessing that they decided to get married," said Fania.

Fania and Camille are from Honduras so the sisters look forward to living close again.

"Being so far away from home and being close to my sister, it's amazing. It's a blessing," said Camille.

The couples live about two miles away from each other in the Lewisburg area, sharing the same zip code and now the same wedding date.

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