Sunny Skies Over Honesdale

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HONESDALE, Pa. -- It was a perfect day for ice cream, going down the big slide in the park or maybe for a walk in Honesdale.

The flowers were out in the sun and so were the people in Wayne County.

"We live close by so we come down here a lot so the kids like to ride their bikes and run around the playground," said Katie Bronson of Honesdale.

"I think it's really nice because everybody is here. This is a nice playground, it's nice and clean," said Charles Maas.

The recent weather hasn't given anyone time to enjoy spring.

Our Stormtracker 16 team has recorded only 15 sunny days since March 1st.

The spring has been filled with cloudy days and more than 50 days with some sort of precipitation.

At Gravity Ice Cream in Honesdale, Jane Downey and Aemilia Valerio were grabbing some ice cream to celebrate a big milestone - Ameilia's graduation from preschool.

"This is a big day. We are out enjoying the sun and the ice cream and we went out for lunch and we are going to go to the park because it's a very special day," said Jan Downey.

Over at Mommy and Me Consignment Shop on the corner of 6th and Main Street, the nice weather allows them to keep a lot of items outside. Otherwise, they'd miss out on business.

"It's a vital importance if we don't have the nice weather, a lot of customers on Main Street come on strollers, they come with small children, holding hands and you don't want those kiddos out of the car in yucky weather," said Gina Prichard.

Those in Honesdale tell Newswatch 16 they've had enough of the rain and hope the sunshine sticks around for awhile.

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