State to Target Potholes in the Poconos

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TOBYHANNA TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- You can spot the potholes from a mile away on a stretch of Interstate 380 in Monroe County.

"It's a death trap out there," said Donna Casserly of Reeders.

This year, drivers say these concrete craters have taken a toll on their vehicles.

"I've got three different vehicles that I drive. All have busted ball joints, suspension problems, tire problems. Mostly due to potholes and extensive driving," said Christopher Fodor of Mount Pocono.

Governor Tom Wolf's office announced a new initative that aims to lessen the blow to your tires called "Resurface PA."

PennDOT officials say more than $180 million will go towards speeding up the process to repair potholes and resurface interstates.

A good chunk of that money will be financed using savings from other projects.

In Monroe County, the plan is to attack Interstate 380 between Interstate 80 and Mount Pocono.

"Well, they have to. Look at the tires on my truck. They are knocked out of alignment and now I have to pay another $300 to get my truck aligned. The roads are bad," said Don Davis, Pocono Summit.

PennDOT officials say the long and harsh winter didn't help speed up the process to fill a lot of the potholes in Monroe County.

"We've had a lot of high winds, subzero temperatures, several feet of snow. It's been worse this winter than in the past 10 winters, so I mean you can't really complain too much when you know the weather has a lot to do with it," said Fodor.

While drivers are happy to hear about the work, they do hope the repairs are more permanent and not just a quick fix.

"I hope they fill them fast and properly too. Not that they are back again in two weeks because that tends to be what happens with them too. The rain comes and then they are gone," said Casserly.

PennDOT officials could not give an exact date on when interstate resurfacing and pothole repairs for this project will begin but did say the work will be done sometime this year.


  • Joseph Kankowski (@Jkankowski)

    If the state acted improperly in its maintenance operations, you are entitled to compensation for damages. However, the state in its infinite wisdom has decided that it cannot act negligently in pothole maintenance. This wisdom however does not extend to the negligence in maintaining state roadways. If the state can raise our gas tax to pay for road maintenance, why can’t the state be held to a reasonable standard to actually repair our roadways?

  • ozzycoop

    Where did all of the tax money from gas prices go? Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the nation. I don’t see any road improvements anywhere. Guess I’m just singing an old song.

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