Memorial Day Tradition Continuing Thanks to Help of Next Generation

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ELMHURST TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Thousands of American Flags now cover the grounds of Fairview Memorial Park in Elmhurst, a Memorial Day tradition.

"Our post has been doing all the flags in the North Pocono area on the local cemeteries for 35 to 40 years now, and every year it gets fewer and fewer people come out to do it because of the age and the older veterans passing away," said Joseph Zurcher, VFW Post 5207.

There are about 2,000 veterans buried at the cemetery and each one will get a flag in time for Memorial Day.

The VFW post in Daleville says that task is a little easier this year all thanks to a call for volunteers over the radio on Froggy 101 and a surprise group that showed up, all 10 of the members of the Scranton High School senior class who are enlisting in the military.

"A crop of youth, and as I said, youth is a wonderful thing. I remember that too," said Zurcher.

They're heading to the Marines and the Army, one to West Point - all with their unique reasons.

"Because my family was in it, like my dad was in the Marines, and my grandfather was in the Navy," said Tyler Schirra.

"I wanted to become a hero, something I always wanted to do, so I joined," said Christian Santiago.

They worked hard but also took time to reflect on what this task means to them.

"You learn exactly how much people have sacrificed, and just how lucky you are to be able to be living today," said Jason Lee.

"I was looking at a lot of them and I was like, I saw one that was US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, he joined them all. It's inspirational. You still want to keep going, showed that you want to keep going in the military. It's very inspirational," said Santiago.

And time to reflect on what Memorial Day means to them now.

"To be able to remember why I want to join the military," said Lee.

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