Students Help Spruce Up War Memorial in the Poconos

POCONO TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Students from Pocono Mountain East Junior High School traded their texts books for gloves and garden shovels on Wednesday in Pocono Township.

The group came out to help plant flowers at the Tannersville War Memorial.

"It's really good to be a part of this community where you can really appreciate the veterans and let them know that they are loved here," said eighth grader Brynn Withey.

American Legion Post 903 Commander Tom Bowditch oversees this war memorial. He says this spring cleanup is one of his favorites.

"As always before Memorial Day, they come down. They plant their flowers, and they make it look gorgeous. I mean, you can't add anything more because it looks gorgeous," said Bowditch.

These flowers were actually supposed to be planted earlier this week, but because of the rainy weather, it had to be postponed. Some students we spoke to say they are happy to be able to get the flowers planted before the weekend.

"It means a lot to everyone, especially veterans," said eighth grade student Christian Cortez.

The students also put down mulch and pulled weeds from the stone monuments and benches.

Eighth grader Christian Cortez says his father served in the Marines, so he's happy to help out local veterans any way he can.

"It's very important to learn about the past and also to have respect for veterans and all of those who served our country," said Cortez.

A local Boy Scout troop will also go out with members of the American Legion Post 903 to replace flags at veterans' graves at the cemetery on Route 715 and Sullivan Trail in Pocono Township.