Police Continue to Search for Robert Baron

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OLD FORGE, Pa. -- Police were back at Robert Baron's restaurant Ghigarelli's looking for clues as to where the missing man is.

The police presence caught the eyes of many in Old Forge.

"I think it's sad. it's tragic that they can't find him and hopefully, very very soon they find something some kind of evidence, some kind of clues," said Brian Evangelista from Pittston Township.

Baron went missing in January 2017.

After his disappearance police found evidence that there was a struggle inside his restaurant where police said they found his blood and tooth.

There are still signs all around Old Forge asking for information about where Robert Baron is.

"Yes, I see the signs everywhere on Keyser Avenue, Oak Street, everywhere and I see they're putting them up more and more," said Evangelista.

"I hope they find him, but it's such a long time already that they should have found him by now," said Mary Ann Czerkas from Old Forge.

Police did not release much information about what there were searching for but they did take measurements in the road and took more photographic evidence.

They also searched near two other locations in Old Forge including near the apartment of Baron's son Robert Junior.

Now, a year and a half since Baron first went missing, people in the community are hoping whoever has information about his disappearance will come forward.

"Whoever did it just come clean just fess up you'll feel better about yourself. You'll get it off your chest and everything and if they don't it's karma. It'll come back and get them," said Evangelista.


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