‘Guardian Angel’ Meals on Wheels Driver Rescues Woman from Home

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EYNON, Pa. -- A Meals on Wheels recipient in Lackawanna County is calling her delivery driver her guardian angel. When the driver arrived at the woman's home on Tuesday, she discovered a gas leak just in time.

Elizabeth Narvid of Eynon says she was sleeping through her carbon monoxide alarm when she was woken up by Amber Lewis, her Meals on Wheels delivery driver.

Lewis has been at her new job for about three weeks now, driving and delivering meals to clients of Meals on Wheels of Northeastern Pennsylvania. She already loves the job.

"You don't have the feeling that you're going to get up and dread your day. You actually enjoy getting up and going to work, which is a very positive thing. All of the people on my route are very wonderful people," Lewis said.

Just three weeks in and she's already proving her worth.

Lewis's third stop of the day is in Eynon to see Narvid. When she got to the front door on Tuesday, she knew something was wrong.

"I smelled the overwhelming smell of gas. It just kind of hit me in the face, so I went in, checked the kitchen, the burners were on. I ran upstairs the CO detectors were going off."

Narvid didn't hear a thing.

"I was still sleeping. If she didn't wake me up, I'd probably still be sleeping," Narvid said.

Narvid thinks Lewis saved her life. When she came by Wednesday morning with a new meal, Narvid knew she was getting more than food.

"She was here already this morning checking to see everything's OK. She's a nice lady," said Narvid.

A nice lady and, Narvid thinks, a guardian angel.

"I don't know about that, but I'm glad I was there," said Lewis.

After Lewis got Narvid out of the house, Meals on Wheels called 911 and firefighters checked the place out to make sure the house was safe.

Officials with Meals on Wheels say many of their clients are home alone, and they say about 65 percent of the time, the meal delivery driver is the only other person their client sees Monday through Friday.

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