Driver Takes Sledgehammer to SUV, Passenger in Philadelphia Road Rage Incident

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — An apparent road rage incident in Philadelphia ends in a driver taking a sledgehammer to an SUV and its passenger.

The incident took place early Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot on Luzerne Street in the city, according to Philadelphia police.

The entire incident was captured on surveillance video by a nearby business.

The video shows a silver SUV pull into a parking lot, followed by a red pickup. The driver of the pickup blocks the SUV and gets out, holding a sledgehammer. The driver then begins repeatedly hitting the SUV with the hammer, breaking the driver’s window.

When the driver of the SUV tries to exit the parking lot, the passenger falls out.  The passenger gets up and begins walking toward the SUV when the pickup driver turns and hits him with the hammer and breaks the rear window of the SUV. Both vehicles can then be seen leaving the parking lot.

Philadelphia police are still searching for the victims and the pickup driver.

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