Music Teacher Accused of Making Obscene Photo Collages Involving Minors

OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Robert Morrison, 73, is charged with making and having obscene materials after police say they discovered he had altered pornographic photos using pictures of the faces of minors.

Old Lycoming Township police say Morrison's wife came to police last week, saying she discovered photo collages inside their home in Cogan Station about a month ago.

Court papers show Morrison allegedly cut the heads off pictures of underage girls and placed them over the faces of females engaged in sex acts.

Police say Morrison is a music teacher and say he's worked for both the Montoursville and Williamsport Area School Districts.

He also teaches music lessons at K & S Music in South Williamsport.

“Very surprised because he never came off to me as doing something like that,” said John Hearton of Hughesville, a frequent customer at K & S Music.

He's known Morrison for 30 years and was stunned to hear what he's being accused of doing.

“Very nice, he's the first drummer I ever met around here,” said Hearton. “Yeah, excellent music teacher.”

Police say Morrison's wife believes the girls in the photos are past and present students of her husband.

Police arrested Morrison outside the music store last night.

Police say Morrison refused to identify the females in the photos, only asking to speak to an attorney.

“I would have never suspected it in a billion years,” said Hearton.

Police are now trying to identify the three to five girls in those photos.

One of Morrison's neighbors says this news is troubling.

“Luckily our kids are grown and gone but there's a lot of young children up here,” said Bob Hitzeman.

Morrison is locked up at the Lycoming County Prison on $75,000 bail.


  • lickerblisters

    Sounds like more of an art teacher than a music teacher. Any male teacher around the age of 73 is only a teacher because they went to college to avoid being drafted into the Vietnam War. Cowards!

    • ozzycoop

      Kind of like your president? Anyhow college students weren’t exempt from the draft. They were allowed to finish their semester and then they were drafted. Great education you have in the Skook

    • ozzycoop

      Apparently I am wrong and my Wyoming Valley education sucked. Sorry Licker. Although I doubt every college student in that era was a student to avoid the war. I like that excuse better than made up bone spurs.

  • jsrant

    This man needs more psychiatric help then a prison cell. I agree, what crime is he committing? Twisted mind yes, get him help and make sure he cannot obtain a weapon.

    • skay n the maybees

      the crime is of pedophilia, anywhere a child’s face is in the same shot and actions of a naked sexually-exploitive adult leans toward a suggestion of an adult/child interaction..a very clever perv but whats in his heart is obviously evil and illegal

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