Police Continue to Investigate Deadly Stabbing, Neighbors Not Surprised

ASHLEY, Pa. -- No arrests have been made after a weekend stabbing in Luzerne County.

Neighbors said they weren’t exactly surprised when they saw so many police cars outside the apartment on South Main Street.

State police said Brian Breymeier, 31, was found dead on Sunday afternoon.

“The neighborhood is usually quiet and no trouble around here, but since they moved up there, I don't know. There's a lot of trouble, I guess,” neighbor Esther Daubert said.

Ashley's police chief tells Newswatch 16 police have been called to the apartment several times recently for domestic disturbances.

“The only thing I've seen is they were arguing. I guess she had the cops there. She had Sugar Notch and Ashley cops there, too. After they left, he came and said, ‘Oh, so you called the cops on me, huh?’” Daubert said.

Court papers show Breymeier had a protection from abuse order filed against him as recently as last month, but it was withdrawn five days later.

Investigators have not ruled the death a homicide yet.

“I'd like to know what went on because like I said, it was a quiet neighborhood and we never had this here,” Daubert said.

An autopsy for Breymeier is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon.


  • Rusty Knyffe

    A PFA is only as good as the person who filed for it. The second s/he decides to let the abuser back into their vicinity, the Order is null and void. The landlords should have evicted them for being nuisance tenants. Having police called over and over is a nuisance to the community AND it drives down the value of surrounding properties. Things could have been done and should have been done to protect the community from this tragedy. Nothing would have prevented Breymeier’s tragic end, however. The couple was immersed in the violence and that is a testament to standards and “tolerance.” What a tragic shame.

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