Canoeing on High Water in the Poconos

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DELAWARE WATER GAP NATIONAL RECREATION AREA, Pa. -- It's that time of year again when plenty of people will be renting a canoe to take out on the water in the Poconos.

But just ahead of Memorial Day weekend, the water on the Delaware River is a little high after all the rain from the last few days.

"There are some restrictions in terms of access when the water comes up this high. The water moves up sort of into the tree line in a lot of places. There are some increased obstructions and hazards out there, but by and large, it's a nice day today, especially and hopefully the weather keeps up through the weekend and people just remain cautious," said Sean Fox, Adventure Sports Manager.

According to the National Weather Service river gauge, the water on the Delaware River is at 10 feet, which is three feet above normal for this time of year.

Those who run canoe rentals say it is safe to go out on the water. They just require their customers to wear life jackets.

When the water is above eight feet, the manager at Adventure Sports near Marshalls Creek usually puts his customers on rafts instead of in canoes because they are more stable.

He says a lot of people might be doing that this weekend if the levels stay where they are.

"If it remains around nine feet like it is forecasted to do, we will just give everyone the heads up and deal with it," said Fox.

The manager at Adventure Sports says water levels between six and seven feet are the most ideal for canoeing. At 12 feet, they start banning trips.
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