Rain No Match for Armed Forces Parade in Scranton

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Rain showers filled the forecast for the Scranton Armed Forces Parade as marchers made their way down Penn Avenue in Scranton on Saturday.

The rain didn't stop the parade, and it did not stop the folks from standing in the soggy weather to support those who served.

"I think it's really important to support all the veterans and the people in the service now," said Riley McNally of Dunmore. "They do a lot for us that we don't even think about on a daily basis, and I think coming out and cheering them on as they walk through the rain is a really great thing to do."

Military vehicles as well as retired and those now serving in the armed forces made their way through downtown Scranton.  They were supported by the music of local marching bands and the spirit of community groups.

Umbrellas, ponchos, plastic bags, you name it.  Folks in the parade and those who were watching on the sidewalk or under awnings were prepared to support the armed forces in Scranton no matter the weather.

"It's the least we could do for our heroes.  They are absolutely the best, and they are the reason we are here today," said Jane Malloy of Dunmore.  "They don't care what the weather is. They fought for our freedom."

Kenneth Hollister from Moosic served in the Army and found a dry spot in a parking garage to watch the parade with his family.  He said he is honored to see the support from the community, even in the rain.

"I am all excited. I can't even talk it's so wonderful.  God Bless them," said Hollister.

Hollister says he loves everything about the Scranton Armed Forces Parade, especially how it makes him feel.

"Proud to serve.  It's been a long time, but I'm very proud," added Hollister.


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