Water Woes at Animal Shelter

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HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Tuesday's storm dealt a major blow to an animal rescue center in the Poconos.

The Camp Papillon Animal Shelter needs several thousand dollars to pay for a water system repair that plumbers just completed.

For days, the Camp Papillon team washed, scrubbed, and took care of about 75 animals with only bottled water after a massive storm knocked out electricity and water on Tuesday.

When power returned Thursday, the surge triggered a problem in the water tank room and caused a flood.

"We had over 20 inches of water, and it was just pouring out, draining out into the field," said Camp Papillon Vice President Felicia Katz.

The problems continue in the laundry room where linens have been piling up since Tuesday. The smell is overwhelming.

"Some of the things we'll have to throw out because they've been fermenting. We'll recycle whatever we can," said kennel manager Maria Zarate. "We need linen donations. We need towels. We need sheets. We need blankets."

The manager is grateful for the people who have already donated hundreds of gallons of water.

"We try to be very optimistic, so we look at it like we're 50% there. The glass is half full," said Zarate.

Community support -- making the glass look half full even when the faucets ran dry.

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